E-Cigarettes Dangerous Substitute

Local News

Well they’re not your average candy cigarettes, or even regular cigarettes. In fact, they’re “electric cigarettes.”

“E-cigarettes” have been on the market for nearly three years, but are facing some difficulty from the FDA. Doctor Vicki Whitacre of the Muskingum Family Health Department understands why.

“Some of them are advertised as without nicotine, but they’ve been checked and they have it,” said Whitacre. “It’s another way to get youngsters addicted to cigarettes. It’s also very expensive. It costs over $100.”

Whitacre says the contraption is a battery powered device that heats up flavored drops. You then breathe in the gas, which Whitacre says isn’t better for you than regular cigarettes.

“People are getting the idea they can wean themselves off cigarettes with this as a replacement with less harm, but they do have things in them that harm and are carcinogenic to their bodies,” she said.

Whitacre says the biggest danger of the E-cigarettes is that you don’t have to be 18 to buy them. They’re also available online, so parents may not know their children are buying them.