Catching Traffic Violators in Heath

Local News

You may want to think twice when it comes to speeding or running a red light through the city of Heath.

It installed red light cameras at five of the city’s intersections along with a camera that stands alone and detects speeders coming into Heath on State Route 79.

Mayor Richard Waugh says the cameras began coordinating with the traffic signals on July 1.

He says when a violation is made, a ticket in the mail isn’t too far behind.

“These potential violations are viewed three times by three different persons at the vendor, and then it’s also viewed one final time by a Heath police officer, prior to a notice of violation occurring, ” says Waugh.

Waugh says the city and law enforcement officials aren’t trying to be the bad guys.

“We’ve been generous with the threshold amount on this. You will not get a ticket for going 35, 36, 37,38 mph. It’s more than that, and if you come to a complete stop, but the nose of your car is over the white line, you will not get a ticket for a right turn on red, ” says Waugh.

Waugh says the cameras are needed because a 1993 study conducted by ODOT shows there are problem intersections in the city where high traffic accident rates occur.

“Most are happy because they see that the traffic has slowed and that they feel safer, ” says Waugh.

But some don’t agree with Waugh. He says two individuals have circulated a petition that will be on the fall ballot. It will determine if remote cameras can be used for traffic enforcement.

As far as the official results go, Waugh says the city won’t find out how effective the red light cameras are until the data is collected and reviewed in three months.