Buckeye Lake Woman’s Daughter Says Mom Killed Dog

Local News

Buckeye Lake Police Department Captain James Handey says Retta McKibben is being held at the Licking County Justice Center on an animal cruelty charge.

He says the woman’s 14-year-old daughter gave police a written statement back on July 7th, after witnessing what she says was her mother killing one of their dogs.

Authorities were summoned to the 265 East Street home, where they found a chihuahua, wrapped in a white sheet.

Handey says the Dog Warden was called to take the dog’s body and examine it.

He says the Dog Warden found that the chihuahua’s skull was crushed and its spinal cord was ripped.

Handey says the Dog Warden took the other three dogs, found on McKibben’s property, from the residence.

Handey says alcohol may have been a factor in the incident.