Barbershop Chorus Teams with Band

Local News

The Y-City Barbershop Chorus is teaming up with the Zanesville Memorial Concert Band for one night.

It’s part of the band’s Summer 2009 Concert Series.

Tonight was the first time the two have teamed up to perform, and Y-City Barbershop Chorus Assistant Director, Paul Shannon, says it was an adjustment for the group.

“We’re accustomed to singing in a barbershop harmony, four-part A-Capella, without accompaniment. So, this will be a different experience for us to be singing-we are going to sing a lot of A-Capella as well-but we are going to sing a number with the band, ” says Shannon.

Shannon says the setting was a little different too.

“A-Capella usually tends to dissipate into the air, but they do have us mic-ed up there…four boom mics. So, when we sing, they should be able to hear us all right, ” says Shannon.

Shannon says both groups hope to continue performing together in the future. He says this concert is a trial run to see how things go and how well the sound is perceived.

Zanesville Memorial Concert Band’s next and final performance will be on August 2nd at 7 p.m. in Zane’s Landing Park.