Zanesville Schools Keep with Tradition

Local News

Zanesville City Schools is keeping with tradition.

It approved the two sculptures that will be embedded in both wings of the new high school building that faces Blue venue.

One will bear the district’s long-time seal while the other encompasses academic knowledge.

“We think that’s representative of our mission, and we think that it’s a statement of our history, ” says Superintendent Terry Martin.

The Board of Education also approved a CORE Teacher Leader for the 2009-2010 school year.

Her name is Autumn Wilden. Martin says Wilden will be in charge of the History Department at Roosevelt Middle School.

“They’ll be able to work on different aspects of our OAT testing and different leadership things that are needed to bring learning skills to our students, ” says Martin.

Martin also commented that construction on the three new school buildings is progressing and going well.