Zanesville Museum of Art

Local News

The Zanesville Art Center is no longer … it will now be known as the Zanesville Museum of Art.

The Board of Trustees spent five years making the decision to change the name. Museum director Susan Talbot-Stanaway says they decided they needed the change, because an art center is a community organization that displays exhibits, but does not own a permanent collection. A museum has their own permanent collection.

“A museum owns, cares for and exhibits its collection and as ours in world wide and extent this is just, this is just, an acknowledgment of what our role has been and our commitment to continuing to make it better,” she says.

Since their collection is museum quality, the board decided to use the name to reflect that image to the public.

“It’s an admission of who we are. It reflects our commitment to what probably now more than 6,000 works of art in our collection and how we take care of that, and how we show that, and how we can serve the community using that,” she says.

Officials at the Zanesville Museum of Art are now busy changing their Web site, signs and other printed material to their new name.