Wounded Troops Get A Piece Of Home

Local News

Wounded troops at a combat surgery hospital in Afghanistan will soon receive a little pick- me- up in the form of post-cards thanks to children from Zanesville.

The kids who take part in the Summer Lunch Program at Springfield Park got a visit from Operation Spirit Director Melodie Pitman this afternoon to make homemade thank yous and get well soon cards. “I’m really hoping that the children might get a pen- pal out of it or at least we’ll get a contact back through it and I can pass it along to Sherry so that the kids can see that what they are doing does make a difference.” Says Operation Spirit Director Melodie Pitman.

The project came as a special request to send the care packages to the wounded soldiers, something Pitman thinks the children can learn a lot from. “You know I have found in six years that the children are probably the best at doing this because they really love what they do. I have seen Girl Scouts almost, you know an 8 year old will stand up and defend what they are doing, so I think they understand what they’re doing a lot, a lot more then they’re given credit for.”

This was the first time the kids at Springfield Park took part in a project like this and some are hoping to be able to do it again.