Water Department Handles 7 Breaks

Local News

There are seven water main breaks Zanesville’s City Water Department had to deal with throughout the day.

Public Service Director, Mike Sims, says two of those could be found in the downtown area. He says the one that caused most of the problems though was at the intersection of Old Newark Road and McIntire Avenue.

He says he’s not sure why so many breaks occurred, but he can pinpoint the culprit of one break.

“The only thing that we can really think of as a result of the hydrant flushing is the one at McIntire and Old Newark Road. Sometimes, when you shut those hydrants off too fast, it creates a spike in the pressure, and then the next nearest joint blows up when the water re-pressurizes the pipe, ” says Sims.

It had all three crews busy today, repairing the breaks and replacing the damaged pipes.

“Our pipeline job replacement on Blue Avenue had to be temporarily abandoned until we get these breaks under control,” says Sims.

Sims says no boil orders needed to be issued, and he says the water main breaks haven’t caused too many traffic problems.