Two Possible Bacterial Meningitis Cases at OU

Local News

Officials at Ohio University are reporting two possible cases of bacterial meningitis.

The latest case involves a Freshman male student who lives in Tiffin Hall.

O-U Dean of Students, Ryan Lombardi says earlier this week a female student was hospitalized for a possible case of bacterial meningitis.

The Freshman lives in one of the dorms, Washington Hall.

Lombardi says it doesn’t appear the two students have had contact with each other.

Both students cases have not been confirmed and they are both being treated at a medical facility in Columbus.

Lombardi says the University’s student health center will have employees on hand to answer questions students have and to administer antibiotics.

Bacterial meningitis is transmitted through the exchange of bodily fluids and can be fatal if not treated.

There have already been two confirmed cases of bacterial meningitis on campus this year.