Summer Lunch Program Kicks Off

Local News

It was pizza day today for the kids who take part in the summer lunch program.

For over 20 years the city of Zanesville has been offering the Summer Food Service Programs for the children who need it most. “Its free, a lot of people don’t understand that that its free, all they have to do is show up and we’ll feed them if they are under 18.” Says Recreation Administrator Ernie Bynum. “If someone is really destitute or something like that I’ll feed them too. Although the state only reimburses me the 18 years olds I absorb, if I do an adult person or someone like that then I absorb it, but I don’t want anyone to be hungry we want to feed everyone that is able to eat.”

The nearly 500 meals a day are delivered by truck to all the parks in zanesville starting at 11am….and if you want your child to have the opportunity to enjoy a free meal…Just have them show up. “if you got someone that wants something to eat and they’re under 18, bring them to one of the parks- the nearest one in your neighborhood, they’re all over town. Find out where your park is at and please come.”

The summer lunch program began this past Monday and will continue to august 14th.

Meal Sites:

Springfield Township 11:00 Potts Lane
Cuddy Dixon Pk. 11:05 Hedgewood Ave.
Chaps Run Pk. 11:15 Ridge Ave.
Putnam Hill Pk. 11:45 Grandview Ave.
Fair Oaks Pk. 12:00 Moxahala Ave.
Calvert Pk. 12:20 Calvert Ave.
Coopermill Manor 11:10 Pershing Rd.
Adams Circle 11:40 Adams Circle

Keen St/Community Ctr. 11:10 Jackson St.
YMCA 11:20 Adams Ln.
East Side Ministry 11:50 Marietta St.
Goddard Pk. 12:00 Goddard Ave.
Merrick Pk. 12:20 Race St.
St. Paul AME 11:00 Pine St.
Michael Dr. 11:25 Michael Dr.
Larzelere Apts. 11:55 Larzelere Apts.