State Street Bridge Renamed, MLK Jr.

Local News

Today’s kick off of the Juneteenth Celebration started with quite the dedication.

The former State Street Bridge is now the Martin Luther King Junior Heritage Bridge.

“It shows the sacrifices and struggles that people from all backgrounds, races, religions all made to make it a better place,” said Juneteenth Committee Member Ernest Bynum. “It’s a good symbol for Zanesville to show our progress with racial diversity and people working together.”

Bynum says the bridge was deteriorating and they saw it as an opportunity to give the new bridge more meaning.

“We came out with an agreement amongst the majority in the community to make it the Martin Luther King Jr. Heritage Bridge, where it celebrates that time period and Martin Luther King, rather than any one individual,” he said. “There’s not one individual taking credit or responsibility for the project.”

Bynum says he hopes the bridge will become a symbolic image for Zanesville. He wants others to see it as a sign Zanesville can exist in racial harmony.