State Route 60 Delayed Again

Local News

The State Route 60 Safety Project was supposed to start this week, but officials with the Ohio Department of Transportation say the project has been delayed again.
The contractor Perram Electric, Inc. is still waiting on paperwork and signage to be completed before starting construction. Maple Avenue business owners say they’re not surprised it’s being delayed.

“It’s been going on since, we’ve been involved in the conversations with the city and the state since 2006 so I’m really not surprised we’re on delay,” says Rod Smith, owner Nationwide Insurance.

Once construction does begin crews will create three concrete medians and improve concrete islands and curbing.

They’ll also work to improve signals and signs on the road.

Smith says he’ll welcome the construction to improve the safety in front of his business.

“I think they’ll be substantial changes, I think it’ll be a little hard to get used to, but I also think it will improve the flow,” he says.

Though the project has been delayed it’s still expected to be completed by September 30th.