Space Talks Cap-and-Trade Bill

Local News

18th District Congressman Zack Space says phones at his offices have been ringing off the hook since last week when the House of Representatives passed The American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Space wants to clear up rumors about the bill many people refer to as the cap-and-trade bill. Critics of the bill are concerned forcing companies that emit greenhouse gases to purchase emissions permits will end up raising consumers energy costs, some say up to $3000.

According to Space, that figure is completely false. He says a study by the Congressional Budget Office shows the bill will cost the average household $175 a year by 2020.

“Energy prices are going to go up no matter what we do. In fact if we do nothing they’re going to continue to skyrocket and before we know it gas is going to be back at $4 a gallon and we’re going to be held hostage by Arab emirates again and we cannot tolerate that as a society,” says Space.

Space feels the bill will help America move in the direction of energy independence. He also says money raised from companies will help to create up to 4,000 jobs in our area.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the number of potential manufacturers out there that are now interesting in putting facilities in this region, not just here, but across the country because of this bill. This bill is designed to incentivize,” he says.

Space expects the Senate to come back with their version of the bill within two months.

The House and Senate will then work on a singular bill in the Conference Committee and Space says they hope to have a final version to President Obama by the end of the year.