Red Cross In The Red Due To Local Fires

Local News

An increase in the number of local fires this year is taking a large toll on The American Red Cross of Muskingum, Perry and Morgan Counties.

The Red Cross Disaster Program typically has $190,000 to donate and to support victims of fires each year. However, this year the program is already $23,000 in the red and hurting for more as the number of house fires continue to rise this spring.

“Our fiscal year we’ve had 73 [fires] so far,” says executive director of The Red Cross, Dan Hartman. “And the difficult part is there have been so many bad ones, especially, this Spring. I think, that’s what has effected us the most and effected the families around here. We’ve had big fires, lots of families, very expensive fires and that has put a big hurt on our disaster budget.”

The Red Cross is determined to continue to support those families in need and hope the community will support them.

“And Lord knows with this down economy it is tough to recover for some of these families,” says Hartman. “So we spend more time, we try to do what we can to help. That’s the key right now the harder we work the more we spend.”

To donate or volunteer to help The Red Cross you can stop in at your local Red Cross or to visit their web site click here.

Written By:
Danielle Cotterman