Reading Road Trip For Elementary And College Students

Local News

Ohio University Zanesville students and local elementary-aged students read together today to brighten all their futures.

The two-week program is focused on children continuing to advance in their reading and other scholastic skills while having fun. Then the children demonstrate to their parents what they have learned by sharing foods, preforming plays and doing crafts from different geographical areas.

“Keep them interested to try to hook them that reading can be fun,” says Beverly Bell, assistant professor of education at OUZ. “It’s not just a school subject, it something that is a life long skill.”

Helping the children read are undergraduate education students from Ohio University Zanesville. These students benefit from working with the children. They not only gain credit to graduate but also learn to provide educational activities for children of different reading levels.

“This is part of an education course. Our students are eligible to pick up from the state department a reading endorsement which is beyond their education degree,” says Bess. “Part of working towards their reading endorsement is having many opportunities to work with children in the area of reading. This summer reading program is part of that reading endorsement requirement.”

At the end of the program each child receives several literature books and school supplies funded by local businesses and O.U.Z.

Written by: Danielle Cotterman