Pottery Week 2009 Kicks Off

Local News

Today marks opening day for the widely reknowned Pottery Week in Southeastern Ohio.

Ohio Pottery on Route 40 near Norwich is just one of many businesses taking place around the area. Owner Mary Ellen Weingartner says it’s important for her to showcase local pottery wares.

“We have locally made crockery from the Ohio Stoneware Company,” said Weingartner. “We feature it here. We like to feature it every summer, during July. Bird baths, flower pots and the pickling crocks.”

Weingartner is also the site manager at the National Road-Zane Grey Museum. She says the museum is right down the road and a place of interest for pottery lovers as well.

“The National Road-Zane Grey Museum is very close to Ohio Pottery,” she said. “If people are heading out this way, they might want to visit both places. The museum does offer a very specialized group of art pottery in on pottery in one of the center sections.”

Pottery week events are taking place all around Zanesville, Roseville and Crooksville.

For more information on what’s going on this weekend, click here.