Possible Childcare Cuts Hit Home

Local News

Governor Strickland’s proposed budget cuts certainly have lawmakers and ohioans scrambling to see if their organizations will have funds cut.

One area hard hit by the governor’s proposed plan is childcare.

Craig Miracle of the Muskingum Family YMCA says their childcare would see severe cuts and hurt the families who use the program.

“That’s what we’re trying to do today is just bring awareness to the fact that childcare is not just for those who are being subsidized, but for everybody,” said Miracle. “We’ve got a lot of parents working hard with school, maybe who have just lost a job and for 25 hours, these cuts would be devastating for them.”

“Times have never been tougher in recent memory, and not just here in Zanesville, but all across Ohio,” said Senator Jimmy Stewart (R), 20th District. “What we’re seeing with the governor’s proposed cuts in childcare, it’s not just childcare, there are some early learning programs that help children to be ready the first day of school.”

Stewart says legislators are still working on the budget, which was supposed to be passed at the end of June.

Miracle hopes it is passed soon, with little cuts to childcare. He says programs like these are vital for children across Ohio.

“And they’ve made new friends,” said Miracle. “They’re meeting kids of different backgrounds and blending just wonderfully. We’re excited to come to work everyday because it’s about the kids and providing for these families a place where their kids are safe and let the parents go to work and have peace of mind.”

Miracle and YMCA workers passed out stickers today in support of no cuts to childcare. He says programs like these allow children a safe place while their parents work.