OU-Z Graduates Staying Local

Local News

The Washington-based Fordham Institute is releasing a survey that shows 50 percent of students who are graduating from Ohio colleges and universities plan to leave the state after they graduate, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here locally.

“I see that a lot of our students and recent grads are actually staying local. Over 75% of our students, to be exact, ” says Ohio University-Zanesville Academic Advisor/Retention Coordinator, Willa-Marie Jackson.

Gail Kincaid is one of the recent college graduates staying local. She graduated from the education program at Ohio University-Zanesville and says she has no intention of leaving the area.

“My whole family’s here. I’m married, five kids, four grand-kids, my mom, my brother, and sister are all right here in the area, ” says Kincaid.

Kincaid also adds that she doesn’t believe there are any more opportunities outside Ohio because of the way the economy is right now, but Jackson says OU-Z makes sure students know all their options before they take that first step into the “real world.”

“We try to present every opportunity that comes our way. So, be it local opportunities, out-of-state, or far away, we try to at least grant those opportunities to the student, ” says Jackson.

Jackson says media, education, and nursing graduates are having the hardest time finding local employment right now.