Ohio Chase Protests

Local News

In cities across Ohio protesters marched into Chase banks at 11 a.m, including right here in Zanesville.

A group of protesters presented a letter meant for the C.E.O of JPMorgan Chase to the Chase bank in downtown Zanesville.

The letter says that Chase isn’t doing enough to help homeowners save their homes from foreclosure.

Protester Erin Cohagen says she’s tried to work with the company to make her mortgage more affordable, but they haven’t been cooperative.

“They’ve asked for the same information over again. It’s very redundant. I’ve jumped through all their hoops that they’ve asked me to, but it’s repetitive, it’s redundant and they’re just trying to blow me off,” she says.

The protests were organized by the group, “Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People.” or ESOP.

The non-profit group says Chase hasn’t been honoring agreements with ESOP intended to help homeowners keep their homes.

“These contractual agreements gives us the ability to represent them to their lender and get and equitable and fair loan modification, so that the bank continues to make money and the homeowner gets to stay in their homes,” says Shane Lightle, ESOP.

In a written response to the protests Chase spokeswoman Mary Kay Bean says, “Chase is working hard to help homeowners stay in their homes. Since January 2007, Chase has helped 400,000 families avoid foreclosure.”

Bean says Chase offers a toll-free number for homeowners who need mortgage counseling and have thousands of loan counselors. She also says their Web site also offers a range of information to help consumers.