Nomad Ridge Opens at Wilds

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The Wilds is offering its visitors a new way to experience their expansive facility.

Nomad Ridge at the Wilds is a luxury tent camping experience where those looking to make visiting the facility a multi-day affair can spend the night.

These Yurts feature bamboo flooring and an Asian inspired decor, set into a hillside, that gives visitors a view of the wide expanse and a close up of the animals all from your front deck.

“The best part of being here are in the evening when most people can’t be here,” explained Dr. Evan Bloomer the Wilds Executive Director. “We’re looking at ways to engage visitors in these overnight experiences.”

An overnight stay in the tents also include two safari passes and dinner and breakfast. The Yurts also keep with the facilities conservation efforts.

“They are energy efficient. You’ll see we’ve worked very hard to fit them into the landscape,” said Bloomer. “To keep as many trees as possible and keep them nice and cool.”

Cost of the project is estimated between $650-$750,000. This season the Yurts are only available to those 21 and over because of the Wilds alcohol policy.

Nichole Hannahs
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