New ZMHA Maintenance Facility

Local News

A new maintenance facility for the Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority is more than just good news for the men and women who work there.

An open house was held today at the old Conn’s Potato Chip building in Zanesville to show off their new facility. “This open house came about with us buying the old Conn’s Potato Chip building in 2007 and it was decided to be turned into a new maintenance facility, much larger, 20,000 square feet. We started August of 2008 renovating and we moved in June 8th a week ago.” Says ZMHA Maintenance Director, Junior McCutcheon.

Before this building was opened, the maintenance crews were split up between four different locations making it hard to get to the over 500 work orders the crews receive a month. This new centralized location will mean good news for the residents filling out those work orders as well. “Its going to improve a lot on our efficiency and really helping our people in a timeliness in things because everything is right here. Before we had equipment in one building and parts in another building, it just scattered stuff out and we’re here, its all in one.” McCutcheon says.

Equipment will be continued to be moved into the facility throughout the summer.