National Ice Cream Month

Local News

For 25 years Americans have been celebrating National Ice Cream month in July, and now kids have a chance to get their picture on an ice cream carton.

The Velvet Flavor Contest is open to kids ages six to thirteen. The kids just have to write an essay 75 words or less on an idea for a new ice cream flavor and why they should be on the 2010 flavor panel.

“It’s very simple. It’s a great little family activity because moms and dads can get together, creative writing, come up with an idea and submit it,” says Connie Cahill, Velvet Ice Cream spokesperson.

This year’s winner Rachel Hankinson created the flavor “Chocolate Covered Strawberries.” She receives a year’s supply of ice cream, a seat on the flavor panel and her picture on flavor’s box.

“It’s really cool you know, you walk into a store and you see yourself,” says Hankinson.

To enter the Velvet Flavor Contest log onto or mail your essay to
Velvet Flavor Contest P.O. Box 588 Utica, Ohio 43080.