Muskingum County Could Receive More Stimulus Money

Local News

Muskingum County is already receiving money from the federal government through NSP 1, which is also referred to as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.

Ohio Regional Development Corporation President Dale Hartle met with Muskingum County Commissioners this afternoon though to talk about how the county could get even more money through NSP 2.

“It’s dealing primarily with housing. It can do demolishing of housing and rebuilding of that housing, or acquiring structures that are empty and dilapidated, fixing them up and selling them to people for starter homes, ” says Hartle.

Congress passed stimulus funding for NSP earlier this year in the amount of two billion dollars, but Muskingum County doesn’t meet the qualifications to apply for money from this program on its own. Hartle says the state is teaming up with seven non-profit organizations, including his own, to help counties across the state see some of this money.

Hartle says his agency will work with Muskingum County and six others if the NSP 2 is funded by the federal government.

“The first goal is to get the economy going as far as fixing up homes, putting local people to work-contractors-and that has an assistance to the community. It’s also another goal to start selling homes, ” says Hartle.

Hartle says its also a way to fix up communities across the country.