Muskingum County 2010 General Fund Budget

Local News

It doesn’t look as though Muskingum County’s 2010 General Fund Revenues will cover all the costs of next year’s budget.

In fact, the difference between the two is a little more than eight million dollars, but Commissioner Brian Hill says this scenario is typical each year, during this time, when all of the county’s elected officials first calculate their departments’ budget requests.

“The amount that they’re asking for in their budget is less than in years past. So, I appreciate the help of all the elected officials in trying to be very conservative in their figures as far as expenses for 2010, ” says Hill.

Hill says the county needs to realize that there’s going to be less money to spend next year.

“the way the budget is, we’re much better off than many counties, but there’s no doubt that our revenues are behind where they were a year ago, ” says Hill.

Hill says that means commissioners are going to have to shrink the budget somewhere.

“My guess is we’ll all share in the pain of restricting the amount of revenue we have to spend, ” says Hill.

Hill says to help compensate for the difference between the 2010 General Fund Revenues and next year’s budget, the county will have carry-over money from this year, but he says that amount will definitely be less than the seven million dollars the county had a year ago.