Musical Theatre Camp at Muskingum

Local News

Students from around the country are meeting for quite the camp this week.

The musical theatre camp teaches high school students dance, singing, acting and other skills critical to theatre performance.

“It’s something that if young people have an interest in it, it’s such a rare thing to have a program like this is Southeastern Ohio,” said Director Carol Jones. “It’s a wonderful quality program. It’s an opportunity that anyone who loves musical theatre should give themself a chance”

Jones says there are 13 coaches and teachers and only 30 students, allowing a lot of attention to each student.

“I think it really helps them gain confidence, it gives them practice to think about what it might be like in the real world. Could I? Should I? Do I want to? What skills are required? Am I good enough? Whatever it is. All the things we talk about in the camp.”

The group will perform tomorrow at Muskingum University’s Caldwell Hall as the culmination of their week of camp.

The show will start at 2:30 and is free and open to the public.