Molding Exercise to Summer Heat

Local News

We had a taste of summer heat last week, and more is on its way as we get into the heart of summer.

The heat and humidity can have a toll on your body, especially if you exercise, but there are some things you can do so you can keep up with that fitness routine during the dog days of summer.

“You must put at least five to six, eight ounce glasses or bottles of water in your body just to replenish what you’re going to lose in that exercise workout…Whether it’s 20 minutes, whether it’s 25 minutes, or whether it’s 30 minutes, ” says Fieldhouse Owner, Mick Amicone.

Amicone suggests that the best time to work out is at sunrise rather than putting it off at the end of your day.

“Because your body’s fatigued. You’ve already exhausted most of your energy as well as the nutrients that require you to have good energy. So, after that rest, especially in a hot weather environment, is when you wake up, get that half hour walk in, jog in, that exercise in, or push the baby in the baby jogger, ” says Amicone.

If you do find yourself getting clammy though and dizzy, Amicone says you need to stop and utilize your surroundings.

“That’s when you immediately try to get a hold of the people that can help you. That is either somebody else on the bike trail, somebody else in the fitness center, somebody else that’s with you, ” says Amicone.

Amicone says it’s important to have a cell phone on you too just in case your body succumbs to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.