Mayor’s Improvements; 1 Passed 2 Tabled

Local News

Plans to make improvements to Gant Municipal Stadium, Secrest Auditorium and the Interskate Park have been on the Zanesville City Council agenda for about a year now. Its going to be another two months before the plans can be resolved.

Council decided to table the interskate park improvements until the first meeting in September upon receiving word on whether or not grant money will be awarded to the city so the improvements can be made. Also tabled until the first meeting in August, improvements to the lighting system at Gant Stadium upon receiving word stimulus money could come the cities way.

“You have to be willing to take a chance once and a while and improve these magnificent facilities that bring so many people into town, they spend money they patronize the hotels and the restaurants” Says Mayor Howard Zwelling.

One ordinance that was part of the three part package proposed by the mayor that was resolved tonight, an amended version of improvements to Secrest Auditorium. Perhaps in light of the current economy, council decided to take out plans for a loading dock that would have cost $225,00 instead agreeing on $61,500 in improvements for stage curtains and lobby doors.

“I was disappointed because we didn’t get the loading dock and I think we probably need that more than anything else at Secrest. But, I’m happy for any improvements we can get for Secrest Auditorium, its a magnificent facility and will serve this community many days to come, many years to come”

Mayor Zwelling went on to say he is convinced the city will not receive stimulus money for Gant Stadium, saying the city doesn’t fall under the population guidelines. But he is hoping council can agree on improvements to be made there for the betterment of the community and the safety of the athletes who play at the stadium.