Man in Custody After Incident at Bob’s Drive-Thru

Local News

A local man is in custody after an incident at Bob’s Drive-Thru in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Police Department says that a 44-year-old white male went into the store and requested a 12-pack of beer.

Police say when the cashier went behind the counter, the man grabbed the beer from the cashier’s hand and took off. The man then struck a female customer on his way out. Authorities say he encountered the female customer’s husband when fleeing from Bob’s Drive-Thru, and that the man hit the woman’s husband in the head with a beer can too.

The man was eventually restrained by a witness and the store clerk.

Police say the man threatened to cut both individuals.

When the Cambridge Police arrived, officers say the man didn’t comply with their instructions. They say they did find two knives on him.

He is being held in the Guernsey County Jail pending formal charges.