Lorena’s 60th Celebration

Local News

Many people young and old came out to celebrate the Lorena Sternwheeler’s 60th birthday.

Several of those out today, like Helen Conrath remember the Lorena when it first came to Zanesville.

“I remember the day this boat came up through the lock. They had the bridge raised on Sixth Street,” said Conrath. “As the boat came into the canal, everyone stood there and cheered. It was an exciting moment. I have a lot of nice memories from this boat. I sang for 13 years with Don Mathis and Hazel Rusy and Captain Brown.”

Helen’s husband Jim Conrath has is own, more harrowing memories.

“We got called out one wintry night, about the third year the Lorena was here,” said Jim Conrath. “We got down to Putnam Landing Park and the Lorena was listing on one side, ready to capsize. The ice pushed it until it almost turned over. It took a lot of people to get it up right again.”

Helen and her husband were able to take advantage of today’s rides in celebration of the anniversary.

She says she misses riding the lorena.

“I miss the audiences I used to sing for, but that’s in the past,” said Helen Conrath. “It’s just as nice and romantic. There’s a little more growth than we had then, but it’s a beautiful ride.”

Today’s celebration offered rides throughout the afternoon. For more information on when you can get a chance to ride the Lorena, click here.