Local Chase Fires Up Crimestoppers

Local News

Jason Austin’s chase into Muskingum County sparked an early start to a local Crimestoppers unit in Zanesville.

Muskingum County Coordinator of Crimestoppers Don Jones says as soon as he heard the news, he emailed and called everyone in his ward to be on the lookout.

Ward one happens to be where Austin dumped the car. Jones says they aren’t at full power yet, but will be after their july 14 meeting.

“In the future we’re going to have an alert system,” said Jones. “This system will cover the city of Zanesville. Hopefully we’ll hook up with the sheriff and the chief of police, so when something like this happens, we’ll have someone to contact to alert all of our membership.”

Jones says having everyone connected and aware of what’s going on will help them reach their goal.

“To stop crime. That’s it,” said Jones. “That’s our main focus; it’s in our mission statement. We are the eyes and ears for law enforcement. That is our main goal, to reduce crime within the city and then the county.”

Jones says eventually the entire county will be a part of the crime stoppers team–joining the group of about 25,000 across the nation.