Lead Poisoning Awareness Week

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This is Lead Awareness Week for the state of Ohio and today Zanesville Mayor Howard Zwelling proclaimed it to be the same for the city.

Along with the announcement made by the mayor today, he challenged the citizens of Zanesville to be more aware of lead poisoning and having children testing. “The Ohio Department of Health has declared the first full week of June as Ohio Lead Awareness week and what we want to do is just promote the importance of lead poisoning and prevention and lead testing of children under the age of 6 across the state.” Says Kim Foster, Coordinator Regional Resource Center for Childhood Lead Poisoning.

Children are the most likely to contract lead poisoning, whether it be by toys or lead based paint. Foster says its because of our children that lead poisoning awareness is so important. “You don’t know a child has lead poisoning until they’ve had a test and lead poisoning can cause growth and developmental delays, it can cause a lot of cognitive problems in children and these problems stay with them, they are irreversible once a child is lead poisoned.”

Fosters says its best to take preventable measures to ensure lead poisoning doesn’t affect someone you know.

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