Juneteenth Celebration

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Its one of the oldest known traditions in America that marks the end of slavery and next weekend the Juneteenth celebration for Southeast Ohio will take place.

June 20th from 12pm to 5pm members of the community will be taking part in the celebration in Zanesville at the same time Americans across the country will be doing the same. “It is one of the oldest celebrations ending slavery in America and during that day we will dedicating the Dr. Martin Luther King Heritage bridge at 11am sharp and we will be marching from the bridge to the Keen St. Park within that dedication. We will also be honoring some of the oldest African American organizations in the community.” Says Zanesville Civic League Executive Director Howard Stewart.

Stewart says the 10th annual celebration is more than just food, games and fun. “Well its kind of like a big family reunion, its an educational process, you get to learn a little bit about Juneteenth and what it stands for and what it means to the African American community and the ending of slavery and its food, games and fun, its fellowship.”

Local churches, other groups and politicians will also be taking part in the bridge dedication, march and overall celebration that takes place next Saturday.

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