Improving Soccer Skills

Local News

Zanesville High School Head Varsity Soccer Coach, Todd Riley, is inviting college players to an open field practice.

It’s called “College Nights” and has been going on every Tuesday night in June. The idea is getting the college and high school players to feed off each other.

“It’s a way for them just to get out, play, get some exercise, and just play against the best…Not have to listen to us all the time, ” says Riley.

This is the first time for the “College Nights.” Riley says they decided to hold it because the team finally had a field available that was good to practice on, Sulsburger Stadium’s turf.

Kylee Hamilton, who goes to Marietta College, and Katelyne Amicone, who will be attending Ohio University, say it’s a great idea.

“It’s nice to have a place where the college coaches aren’t watching, and you can play around with the ball, really work on your own stuff without being under any kind of pressure, ” says Hamilton.

“It also shows you what you need to work on, what you have worked on, and sometimes it proves you aren’t as good as what you think you are until you come out here, ” says Amicone.

Riley says this field time also is prepping his team for the Elementary Skills Camp it will be holding in august. It’s for elementary students interested in soccer. The camp will take place August Third, Fourth, and Fifth at Wright Field.