Imagination Station Fears State Budget Cuts

Local News

Budget problems are also causing problems for a Morgan County Preschool and child care facility.

Imagination Station Owner and Administrator, Kendra Kuntz, says a lot is up in the air right now.

“We are unaware at this point if we are going to have any cuts. If eligibility is going to be cut. We had just applied for the ELI Program, which may be eliminated, and right bow, due to having the interim budgets, we’re not receiving our check from the June invoices, ” says Kuntz.

That check is five-thousand dollars that Kuntz says the Imagination Station needs. It helps support the facility’s payroll and taxes for the month. So, Kuntz says the situation is causing Kuntz to scramble to get money, and she says she doesn’t want the state budget to take away opportunities for the area’s children.

“Just that the kids aren’t lost in the shuffle. This is a low income area, and I feel like the kids are the last ones that are being thought of, and if we don’t focus on our kids, what kind of future are we planning? ” says Kuntz.

The Imagination Station serves children from 18 months up through sixth grade. She says its mission is to get the kids ready for school while having a good time.