Huntington’s Yard Sale Success

Local News

One local woman, personally touched by an incurable disease, did what she can to help find a cure.

Both Phyllis Shoemaker’s husband and sone have Huntington’s Disease, a disease that causes jerky body movements and psychological changes.

Shoemaker thought she would have some help from the community for her yard sale to benefit the cause, but she neever thought her barn would be bursting with donations.

“I just mentioned to a few of my church members and family members, that if they had something to donate, they could help me out,” said Shoemaker. “I hoped I would make a few dollars and have an easy job in my garage, and it turned out that my garage is full, my deck is full, my barn is full. All kinds of people have donated.”

Shoemaker says without the help of everyone from her community, none of this would be possible. She says she’s touched by how much some people have done.

“There’s no way to name everybody because appear in front of my garage unsolicited that I have no idea where they came from,” she said. “This is a great community and I’ve been blessed with the people that have helped out.”

Shoemaker says her yard sale was very successful.

She says there were enough people donating baked goods to even add on a bake sale.

On top of the sales, Shoemaker says many people donated money. All the proceeds from the event will benefit research on the disease.