Hull Pottery Convention 2009

Local News

Festivities for the 2009 Pottery Week continue this weekend in Crooksville at the Hull Pottery Convention.

Steve Bellhorn has been a Hull Pottery collector for 25 years. He says, being an Ohio history buff, pottery interested him because of it’s importance in Southeastern Ohio’s history and a few other reasons.

“I was fascinated by the artistic designs that were produced here in Southeastern Ohio,” said Steve Bellhorn. “There are several reasons for that, the soil content for making pottery, the availability for lumber, coal and natural gas to fire the kilns that wasn’t something that was available everywhere. This was a great place for the ceramic and pottery community.”

Bellhorn says there many reasons Hull Pottery is so special. He says one of those reasons is the people who worked there.

“I think the longevity of the hull plant, up until the fire, it had a lot of the same workers for many years,” he said. “You had people that worked there for 30-40 years and they made significant contributions. If you see some of the work, they were really talented people.”

Hull Pottery began production in Crooksville in 1905 and continued until a flood and fire in 1950. Because the plant was so popular, it was able to re-open in 1952.

In 1986 the plant closed and ceased operations after struggling with several union strikes and foreign competitors, making the pottery rare and collectible.