Holiday Drinking & Driving

Local News

The Ohio Highway Patrol will be out in full force this holiday weekend to deter those who are thinking about drinking and driving.

Summer holidays are traditionally busier times of the year for the patrol mostly due to the good weather, but they say that is still no excuse to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks. “You know we’re out in full force when it comes to the holiday weekends, there’s three major summer holiday weekends that we are out in full force and this is one of them. Its the mid-summer one, weather is going to be good, the volume of traffic is going to be out there, there are going to be people drinking at parties and we just ask you don’t drive, there is always somebody that you can call.” Says Highway Patrolman Sgt. Jeremy Mendenhall.

No DUI checkpoints are planned for the Zanesville area, but stepped up patrol will be evident. “Aggressive violations, crash causing violations, when you get this volume of traffic in this amount, we really look at things tightly just due to the fact that there is a a lot more to look at and when you have the heat people want to get from point a to point b in a quick manor sometime people get a little upset as they’re driving so maybe a little bit of rage kicks in with them and what not so we pay a little closer attention to that.”

For this 4th of July holiday the Highway Patrol is asking you have a designated driver or even call a cab before driving under the influence.