Group Plans 4th of July TEA Party

Local News

A local group is planning another Taxed Enough Already or TEA Party to protest what they say is the government’s refusal to listen to the people.

Organizers are hoping more than 1,000 people will join their rally at Putnam Landing Park on the 4th of July.

The protest will last from 6 to 8 p.m. and feature numerous speakers. The goal is to get government officials to hear their views on the issues.

“This is a national movement, it’s all over the United States for people saying government you need to listen to us. We’ve hired you by electing you and you’re not listening to what we have to say,” said Kay Clymer, Zanesville Patriots.

One of the issues the group will protest is the house’s passage of American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, or as many call it the “cap-and-trade” bill. They’re upset Congressman Zach Space supported the bill.

They feel it is a national energy tax that will hurt americans and they do not want the bill to pass in the Senate.

“Recently they just passed, the house of representatives passed the trade and cap, which is the energy stimulus package which will take us all, 3000 plus onto our financial books this year and a lot of people that will put them out of work, that’ll put a lot of businesses out of work,” she said.

We contacted Congressman Zach Space’s office to get a statement on his decision to support the bill he said, “This bill will help make america energy independent and create thousands of new energy jobs in Ohio.”

“It is time we finally declare our energy independence, making our nation stronger, more prosperous, and more secure.”