Gold Medalists Helps Locally

Local News

They say to get better, you must learn from the best.

That’s exactly what some Muskingum County students did today–training with a gold medalist. Derrick Adkins the 1996 gold medalist for the 400 meter hurdles gave some tips to young track enthusiasts.

“It has to be the child’s interest,” said Adkins. “If the child wants to run track then the parents should encourage them. You don’t want to push a young person into track or anything, but if they like it and they continue to do it, then they’ll better as time goes on.”

Adkins says track and field can teach children important lessons.

“You can learn a lot of character principals through track and field,” he said. “You learn about discipline, hard work, no pain no gain. These things are important for life. They’re things I truly believe in.”

Adkins joined track coaches from around the country, training kids from two years old to high school in the different events of track and field.

It’s all a part of Team Godspeed Track and Field Camp at John D. Sulsberger Stadium in Zanesville.