Getting Rid Of Old Electronics

Local News

If that old computer monitor or tv that’s collecting dust in your home is becoming an eye sore, relief is on the way.

Monday Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, the Southeast Ohio Joint Solid Waste Management District will be at the recycling center on Old Adamsville Road collecting old electronics to be taken to either a landfill or recycled. “Next week from 9-2 on Monday through Wednesday we’ll be taking all types of computer related equipment, computers, monitors, printers, scanners, Fax’s, copiers, old telephones, cell phones- you name it if its an electronic type thing we’ll take it.” Says District Coordinator Robert Reiter.

Businesses, Commercial industries and residents in either Muskingum, Morgan, Guernsey, Noble, Monroe or Washington counties can drop off their electronics that will not only have some recovery value, but environmental value as well. “People tend to hang onto these things and will not generally put them out with the regular garbage, a lot of these items shouldn’t be put out with the regular garbage. Its an environmental type of thing its also conservation of landfill space.” Says Reiter.

There is no limit to how much you can drop off, officials are asking if you have a large amount to call ahead. You can reach them at
800 – 860 – 8103 or