Fathering Critical to Child Development

Local News

Some local children got to spend quality time with their dad’s today at the All Star Dad’s Day at Armco Park.

James McDonald of Forever Dads says parental involvement is key for child development, but dads play a special role.

“When dads are involved with their children, they do better in school,” said McDonald. “When they are good models at home, working everyday or being respectful to the mother or having good health habits, those things transfer to the children. If dad’s home living with the kids, it’s a safer neighborhood.”

At today’s All Star Dad’s Day, dads spent time with their children playing games, swimming and having a good time.

“It’s phenomenal to watch these kids when a balloon bursts in their dad’s face,” he said. “It’s great to see them play with their dads. It creates an even playing field for both.”

At the girl scout facility in Zanesville moms also got to celebrate. They took part in jewelry making, games and prizes.

Forever Dads, which sponsored the events, is a non profit organization in Muskingum County that strives to celebrate and strengthen fatherhood.