Fastpitch Independence Weekend

Local News

Get your glove out and your throwing arm on, the annual Independence Weekend Blowout Fastpitch Tournament is going on this weekend.

Thirty-seven teams came from across the eastern half of the United States for the competition, including a team from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one from Virginia.

“We a lot of diversity,” said Tournament Director Rick Moorehead. “We see about 60-percent travel teams and 40-percent rec teams. A lot of these teams are teams that come to this event every year to help support ofc.”

Moorehead says the tournament brings out different age groups and levels of talent.

“I think we get a good look at all different levels where teams are today. It’s still kind of early in the season, even though there are teams with quite a few games under their belt. I would say the levels between the teams here is pretty diverse–top to the middle to the bottom.”

The tournament is a fundraiser for the Ohio Fastpitch Connection.

Moorehead will also coordinate the first World Series Fastpitch Tournament in Ohio.

It’s set for August 5 – 9 in Chilicothe.