Fallen Soldiers: Not Forgotten

Local News

From parents, to friends, to community leaders and even perfect strangers; on Friday hundreds gathered at Zane’s Landing Park to honor those who have lost their lives serving our country.

Barb Llyod’s son, Staff Sergeant Buddy Kinney enlisted in the Army in 1995, right after high school. After September 11th, he was sent to Afghanistan, after serving there, he was deployed to Iraq, where he died eight days later.

On Friday, as in year’s past, Barb proudly participated in the traveling Ohio Flags of Honor memorial, “It’s all inspiring and some, I’ve had some mother’s say it’s hard for them to touch the flag because they remember seeing it on the casket, but I remember seeing it in my son’s hand. To me, it just means a lot,” said Lloyd.

In Ohio, 196 soldiers have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In the traveling memorial, each soldier has their own flag with their name written proudly on the pole. During the celebration, those names were read off, as loved ones planted the flag into the ground.

“I’ve never seen a Flags of Honor like this done before in any of the states that I have been in, and the fact that the state of Ohio has taken time out to honor their fallen soldiers, means a whole lot to me. I wish that more states would do this,” said Army Corporal Ayla Higgs.

Mayor Howard Zwelling, as well as other city and county officials took part in the ceremony. The flags will be on display until 1pm Sunday, and then the traveling memorial will go to Fairfield County.