DTV Switch Today

Local News

Today is the day for the big digital switch.

Sometime today if you don’t already have the digital converter box, and use the “over the air” signals, you will no longer see regular programming. Whiz T-V made the switch months ago.

“It’s important for them to know that they’re going to need the boxes if you have rabbit ears or an antenna to get over the air signal,” said Adam Loyd of HH Gregg. “If you have cable or satellite boxes and you’re with those companies, you do not need those with the older television sets, just if you’re getting an over the air signal.”

Loyd says sales of the converter boxes has been steady. He says if you haven’t gotten yours yet and you have a coupon, you might want to check for an expiration date.

“There’s an expiration date on most of the cards,” said Loyd. “A lot of people have been coming in and they’ve been expired, so they have re-send off for those coupons to get those back in.”

Stores like H H Gregg, Walmart and other electronic stores will continue to sell the converter boxes as long as there is a demand. The converter boxes will allow consumers to see additional “multicast” programming some local stations may offer.