Commissioners Looking to Cut Energy Costs

Local News

The Muskingum County Commissioners are looking at ways to reduce energy costs at county buildings.

Today they met with a representative from the Perfection Group, who gave a report of items the county could change in order to reduce costs.

Commissioners say some small changes may be possible.

“We’re going to look at some of the smaller stuff right now and see what kind of funding is out there on the major projects or whatever needs done, but yes we know that we have some old buildings and we have some bad windows and we have some bad lighting and bad boilers and stuff like that, but versus replacement cost versus savings we just don’t know if it’s there,” says John Bates, commissioner.

The commissioners say budgets are tight, but they are looking at ways to pay for improvements using federal funds.

“We might try to apply for some stimulus funding to help on some of this and talk to the other counties that had the same study done and see how they’ve been how much it’s helped them on their utilities,” he says.

Commissioners have passed the report onto their head of maintenance, the prosecutors office and the auditor to get their opinions on the energy saving suggestions and the costs involved.