Car Show to Promote Membership

Local News

One local fire department is taking a different approach to up their membership.

The Washington Township Fire Department hosted it’s annual car show to bring in more members to the department.

“We’re always looking for people,” said Adam Siddle of the department. “We can’t have enough. Whether it’s a firefighter or an emt, we take care of the training, the gear, everything you need to be a volunteer. You don’t have to live in the township, we’d like for you to live close, but we’re always looking for new members to help out and do things.”

Siddle says he was always interested in firefighting, and now finds it very rewarding.

“It always puts a smile on my face to help people or go out and make a difference,” he said. “All you need is that simple thank you or that look in someone’s eyes that you can tell someone’s helping them.”

Today’s car show was the third for the department.

Apart from recruiting new members, it serves as a fundraiser for the volunteer fire station.