Blood Supply Decrease Coming Sooner Than Expected

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As summer approaches, the American Red Cross uses more red pouches from its blood supply.

Donor Recruitment Representative, Jackie Mishler, says it’s because accidents go up in the summer.

“Everybody’s out having a good time. Children are out of school. The accidents go up, and our blood supply goes down unfortunately, ” says Mishler.

Mishler says it’s challenging to get people to come out and donate during the summer because families go on more vacations, and people have a hard time managing to make and to keep their appointments.

Mishler says the decrease typically happens between June and August, but this year, Mishler says the decrease in donors started back in May. She says this has Red Cross employees concerned.

“If we keep going as we are right now, then yes, we will be reaching a critical stage, ” says Mishler.

If you would like to hold your own blood drive to help out the Red Cross, contact them at 740-452-2731.

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