Bid Opening for S. Z-Ville Project

Local News

Only one bid came in today for the East Central Sewer Project in South Zanesville.

Village Administrator Danny Wiseman says as long as the paperwork goes through, they will award the project to the Zemba Brothers in Zanesville. He says it will replace pipe lining along something that might cause some trouble.

“It actually runs along the railroad so you can’t actually go in and dig on railroad property,” said Danny Wiseman, village administrator. “That’s why we’re having that line like it is.”

The sewer line runs along main street next to the fire house in South Zanesville.

“This project here, not many people do it,” he said. “It’s a sewer lining project. There’s not too much digging or anything like that. Only certain people do that type of work.”

The bid from the Zemba Brothers came in at $44,200, $4,000 over the engineer’s estimate.

The Muskingum County Commissioners expect the project to be officially awarded in a week.