Band Brings Father & Son Together

Local News

The Zanesville Memorial Concert Band is enabling a father and son to come out in public and share a talent that binds them together.

Both Rick and Andrew Schmidt play the trombone.

“It’s very nice. It’s something we can do together, ” says Rick.

“It helps us kind of work out parts together. It’s a way to bond, I suppose, ” says Andrew.

Andrew says his father has contributed to his interest in music.

“He kind of got me into a lot of the local ensembles. (He’s) kind of my connection, I guess, ” says Andrew.

Andrew will be furthering his musicality this fall when he attends the University of Akron, where he will be majoring in Music Education.

Even though Andrew and his father play the same instrument, that doesn’t mean they have the same taste in the music the Zanesville Memorial Concert Band performs.

“I like Stars and Stripes Forever, which we usually end every concert with. We haven’t done it in many years, but we used to shoot off fireworks. That was always kind of a cool thing to do, ” says Rick.

“It’s the American Elegy. It’s a piece dedicated to the Columbine shootings. It’s nice to play a song dedicated to something that means something, ” says Andrew.

For a list of the band’s summer concert dates, visit its website at