American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Signs

Local News

Evidence the stimulus money is being put to use and putting Americans back to work, can now be seen on Ohio roadways.

The first American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) signs were put into place right here in Muskingum County. The signs mark the starting and ending points of projects funded by stimulus money. “The stimulus money that is coming to our district, we’re very happy to put that to work. Beginning today we will start here in Muskingum county with this resurfacing job here for about 13 miles of Coshocton and Muskingum County’s. So the Reinvestment Act is saying we’re putting America back to work or to work in these hard economic times.” ODOT Public Information Officer, Kate Stickle.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has been approved for over $336 million for projects, over $2 million of that has been set aside for the project on State Route 16 that began today. “Sometimes we receive money and you don’t see the end product but this time the motorists and travelers they will see, once they enter this is the stimulus money at work. Its a historical thing that will go down in history that the stimulus money has been brought to Ohio and we will continue to put that money to work.”

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland and ODOT teamed up with contractors to make the sign designs and placement a possibility.